JULY, 2014. The teacher Magnolia Rios, member of Partners Massachusets, was in Colombia visiting our school recently.    She was in Bogota on July and we had the opportunity to share with her the most important points about the project: A LITTLE BIRD TOLD ME in its part: Guardians of The birds. 

In the first day: The Agropark The Soches was a perfect scene to make an interesting journey during almost three hours: watching birds and knowing this beautiful part of Usme, South of Bogota, Colombia.

The third class was the host.   We were walking to Soches with other important people who visited our school: Mr Camilo Umaña Hernandez, Mr. Hector Morris Vásquez, ASDOAS between others.

This activity was part of The teacher Magnolia´s schedule, because during the second day:  we had also a meeting with The Principal: Armando Ruiz Puerto, Partners of the Americas Bogota, Mr Juan Camilo Benavides, Mr Jorge Fabian Gonzalez and  the teacher Nury Penagos C. They are members of the Guest Chapter to develop a posible agreement between Eduardo Umaña School in Bogota with other school in USA where Magnolia has been working some years ago.

Thanks Magnolia, Juan Camilo, Jorge Fabián for your support. Thanks Partners.

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