With recyclable material, we elaborated chess pieces representing birds that frequent Usme, then, the students were playing with these pieces oriented in physical education class.  We had the external support of Cristian Mur, biology student at the National University and the Arts and Sciences teachers.

“Painting our birds with children and teachers” was another beautiful activity that was part of the art workshops in our classes with all primary school children (third to fifth grade). We had the support of some bird experts of “Wetland La conejera” as Mr. Darwin Ortega who was our instructor

To this new year 2015, “Tyguas: Guardians of the Birds” want to share with other kids this beautiful experience, connecting the Waldorf School in Massachusetts, with our friend Magnolia Rios Massachusetts Partners chapter. This relation needs to be part of the main goal to 2015, the connection with the bilingual process with our birds: the English like and excellent tool to play, to listen and to speak with our friends about the birds like an excuse to learn each new day. Here, Learn English in Colombia, with Jorge Fabian Gonzalez, will be an important alliance to find this purpose: An excellent connection.

Thank you. By: Nury Stella Penagos C.

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