1° PART “Tyguas: Guardianes de las aves de Usme”

“Tyguas: Guardianes de  las aves  de Usme” has been a beautiful experience developed in Bogota, Colombia since 2008 till now, with three successful phases. It has been implemented with more than 360 students each year at Eduardo Umaña Mendoza School who belongs to elementary level of education. To remember, the phases are: “Our birds are your birds too” from Florida Partners Chapter, “A little bird told me” and “Tyguas: Guardians of the birds” Bogota Partners Chapter.

This propose started with 40 students and 2 teachers, and actually it has been recognized by institutions at local, national and international level like our participation at the Last International Bird fair, in San Martin de los Andes, Argentina ( 2011).

Today, we have the pleasure to share with you some of the main goals we have been working during the last few months. First, birding activity is a top priority to develop with children, parents and teachers of the project. Therefore, we visited some wetlands as “La  eserve de Encenillo” located a little over two hours of our school, “Wetland Torca and Guaymaral”, “Wetland Conejera and Cordoba” and the “Foundation Formemos” with the support of Partners of the Americas too. Here, we were so happy with the small grant received to develop several activities with the children to this Educative community. 

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